Eugenio Fontán

BIM Consultant at
Graphisoft Asia

Eugenio Fontán is M. Architect and BIM Consultant at Graphisoft providing support to Graphisoft clients in Southeast Asia on the adoption of Smart BIM workflow and Standards to optimise project efficiency and design quality. He is also a Registered BIM consultant and BIM Certified Manager by Graphisoft. Based in Hong Kong with more than 10 years of experience in developing Architecture Projects of various Scales using BIM in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe, he has strong knowledge of the built environment needs. He was a Design Director and Co-founder of enzyme APD that provides BIM-based design and process implementation. Eugenio creates his own methodologies and design processes using BIM technology to optimise projects development from the early stage, Construction and whole Lifecycle of the Built Asset. He has helped many large companies in Singapore and Japan on BIM Implementation, Methodologies and Standards. 


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Eugenio Fontán

BIM Consultant at Graphisoft Asia

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